There’s an echo in the house….

After a successful garage sale, a stealthy, late night “donation” to the local second hand store, some last minute give-aways and freebies, and a brother in law who loves to collect things, our house is almost empty……

It seems like a good thing to me that, despite the house being almost ready to move out of, I’ve missed very little of the “stuff” that we’ve gotten rid of. I missed my dining room table this morning, but because I usually fold laundry on it, not because we ever sat there for meals.

There is still a load out stuff for the dump before the final move out I’m sure. And a few things that will stay behind for the family moving here, but other than that, our clothes will get moved the day before the house closes, as well as our kitchen implements, and we’ll fill the fridge with fresh food as we need it……there is an echo through this big house without anything in it.

It’s an absolutely beautiful 30 degree day today, the leaves are beginning to burst out of their buds, the woods are filling in with the bright green leaves of a million trees, frogs and birds are singing, the sun is shining onto the house….. It’s as nice a day as it gets out here in the countryside. There is no traffic to hear, except for the of occasional gentle rumble of horses hooves as the horses run laps on the track at the farm across the road.

l’ll miss that aspect of being out here. It’s beautiful, and quiet, and a little private piece of paradise to escape the rat race for a little while…….I wonder if the family that bought the house is excited to come here….. I bet they will love it!!