Two weeks in…..I believe the asses have accepted us as one of their own….

And so it goes the life of a vagabond….. No fixed address for over two weeks and loving it!! I’m sure I’m still in the honeymoon phase of full-time RV-ing, but the freedom of this lifestyle is so quickly apparent to me, that even if we had not decided to go exploring, and only decided to sell the house and live like this, I would be tinkled pink!!

I know most kids probably dreamed of living in their childhood camping trailers if they had one, but I REALLY fantasized about living in a camper….. for weeks on end during summer holidays, I would sleep in the camper and pretend it was my little abode, and even though it was only 18 feet long, at the time it felt like the perfect size to live in!! So having this childhood dream come to realization, and being able to do it in a 35 footer is more than 12 year old Amy could have ever imagined!!

With the slides pulled out, the camper is just short of 400 square feet of living space….. That’s a posh condo in Liberty Village!! And although some habits die hard…. (like tidying up after one’s husband), it’s a whole lot quicker and easier to tidy up a mess confined to the space of a bachelor apartment instead of a four bedroom home!!

Life is perfectly comfortable so far in the rig, we’ve had a few kinks to iron out of course, but overwhelmingly, life has been running smoothly! Because of the space limitations, it has taken some attention to move around gently, more slowly than one would in normal space constraints….. There is still the occasional startled waking from a dead sleep with the inadvertent “punching” of low ceilings at the head of our bed….. However, the random callings of the donkeys late at night has become melodious, white, background noise!!

Everything takes a little bit longer….. Cooking, bathing, chores, making beds, tidying…… But that’s perfectly okay! We were looking for a little bit of a slow-down anyway….. All in all, life on the road is transitioning nicely…… It’ll all likely be perfectly organized just in time for our jobs to finish up and the next chapter of exploration begins!!

But until then, we’re fitting right in with our neighbours, a bunch of asses in the front yard and a bunch of clucking, chicks in the back!!

There’s an echo in the house….

After a successful garage sale, a stealthy, late night “donation” to the local second hand store, some last minute give-aways and freebies, and a brother in law who loves to collect things, our house is almost empty……

It seems like a good thing to me that, despite the house being almost ready to move out of, I’ve missed very little of the “stuff” that we’ve gotten rid of. I missed my dining room table this morning, but because I usually fold laundry on it, not because we ever sat there for meals.

There is still a load out stuff for the dump before the final move out I’m sure. And a few things that will stay behind for the family moving here, but other than that, our clothes will get moved the day before the house closes, as well as our kitchen implements, and we’ll fill the fridge with fresh food as we need it……there is an echo through this big house without anything in it.

It’s an absolutely beautiful 30 degree day today, the leaves are beginning to burst out of their buds, the woods are filling in with the bright green leaves of a million trees, frogs and birds are singing, the sun is shining onto the house….. It’s as nice a day as it gets out here in the countryside. There is no traffic to hear, except for the of occasional gentle rumble of horses hooves as the horses run laps on the track at the farm across the road.

l’ll miss that aspect of being out here. It’s beautiful, and quiet, and a little private piece of paradise to escape the rat race for a little while…….I wonder if the family that bought the house is excited to come here….. I bet they will love it!!

You can’t fire me… I quit!

I quit my job today…… Sort of. I wrote a politely scripted e-mail to my boss and the people I thought had to know, announcing that ‘as per our recent discussion’, I would be exploring other interests, and thusly, would be tendering my resignation for the 26th of June, 2015. Or some ‘adult-y’ thing similarly worded….

A part of me, the gregarious, hilarious, audience-loving part of me wanted to rant a little…… Let them know how much my soul has died since I started working here…… Remind them of how utterly disappointed I am morning after morning arriving at work to find it NOT engulfed in flames….. Suggest that I woke up full of positivity, ready to start a fresh day, only to realize I had no further fucks to give….. Convey to them that the next best thing to quitting my job, has been fantasizing about quitting my job……

Refer to those first three adjectives! But of course, I did no such thing….. I could use a good reference at some point I’m sure, and burning bridges is foolish and unnecessary….. But imagine how epic it would have been if only for a minute!! And for all that hot-shot shit talk, I cried for the next three days driving to work thinking of the awesome team I would be leaving behind. Make no bones about it, this has been the worst nursing job I’ve had in my short career, but absolutely the best team of nurses I’ve ever worked with, without question and it will be tough to say farewell.